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Property Managers

Partner with a global industry-leader.
Benefit from market experience and service innovation.
Grow your Property Management business.

For the first time in Canada, management resources, market-leading technology and mentoring to property managers are now available to provide more advanced and more profitable services to your property owners, residents, and tenants.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate Management Leaders’ offers the support, the tools and the resources you need to better manage your current properties and increase their earning potential allowing you to expand your portfolio.

The Business Model Designed
for Property Managers
Who Are Ready for Growth.


  • Association with the internationally recognized experience, expertise and technology of the Coldwell Banker® brand.
  • Industry-leading property management automation tool designed to streamline the management of your properties.
  • Mentoring, guidance and back-office support from experienced professionals adhering to the highest ethical standards.
  • Hundreds of property management resource materials developed from over 40 years of experience in the business.
  • Entry into an exclusive Coldwell Banker Real Estate Management Leaders Referral Program created to grow your business.
  • Cloud based services that conveniently keep your unit owners informed 24/7.
  • Support to advance your credentials with designations such as Registered Condominium Manager (RCM), Certified Property Manager (CPM) and Certified Reserve Planner (CRP).

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